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PTR Hospitality is a forward-thinking Scottish investment firm with a keen focus on the Spanish hospitality sector. Rooted in our Scottish heritage and driven by a global vision, we specialize in identifying promising opportunities within the vibrant Spanish hospitality landscape.

At PTR Hospitality we combine our extensive expertise in finance and investment with a passion for hospitality to unlock value and drive growth. Our strategic approach emphasizes thorough market research, meticulous analysis, and a commitment to excellence in every venture we undertake.

With a proven track record of successful investments and a dedication to fostering long-term partnerships, we have made a meaningful impact in the Spanish hospitality sector while delivering exceptional returns for our stakeholders.

We are currently seeking new investment opportunities across the Spanish hospitality sector, specifically targeting the Costa del Sol region. Our team are interested in speaking directly to restaurant, bar and nightclub owners and operators who are looking to either exit their investment, or for a growth partner to support future plans.

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